11 December, 2008

Best of the Box

Let me tell you: working the regular 9-5 comes with some interesting perks. Salary. Vacation. Benefits. Boxed lunches. Wait.. you weren't thinking about lunch choices as a benefit of working a full-time job?

My coworker Dawn and I discovered that we have this affinity for bringing the ready-made lunch each day to work. We are also slightly obsessed with eating out, but we realized the economic need to cut down on that activity. It all started with Trader Joe's macaroni in a bag, and then grew to include Lean Cuisines. Now, we're branching out and we'll tell you all about it.

Best of the Box is our Zagat-like guide of what is wonderful or inedible in the easy to make lunch category. We will critique everything from flash frozen meals to lunch in a can.

So check out our blog and tell us what you think! You never know what you might find for lunch.


Paprika said...

You're hilarious Amy!! Love it.

Stephanie Y. said...

This is genius!

annaelyse said...

awesome. i was just trying to figure out some different things to bring to lunch. :)

Anonymous said...

OMG Lizard, this is GREAT!!! What a fab idea for you two to come up with... I'll be putting it on my daily read list for sure!