23 February, 2009

Let's hear it for my mother

The Inter-webbiness of our lives is insane. In elementary school, I remember when we got our first Apple MacIntosh computer. Aaaah, the floppy disks... Oregon Trail (I always died of typhus)...memories. Then, we moved onto more important technological things on our new PC, like Carmen SanDiego. Those were the days. Life was more simple then.

Now, we have social networking coming out our ears. I cannot count the number of accounts I have: Flickr, Facebook, Twitter, and my unfinished Linked In account, among others. I still hold onto some sense of privacy - I pride myself that it truly is a treasure hunt to find me on Facebook. As I signed up for all of these, I thought that our generation was the best because we were so advanced in this area. So technologically savvy. I mean, I can't build my own web site, but I have a blog - that counts, right? And surely, my parents will never figure out how to run this thing...much less see what I'm posting on all of these sites, right?

Wrong. I discovered I was incorrect when my mother found my blog and started following me on Twitter. She not only blogs, but also tweets (Who came up with these words, anyways? SERIOUSLY?!?!). I'm amazed that, sometimes, I can read enough about her life on her blog to catch me up for a few weeks. Of course, this doesn't and shouldn't replace the phone calls, but it makes life a bit more interesting (hint hint, mom... call me).

So, check out her blog... tell her I sent ya. Also, while you're at it, check out Remember the Milk. It is a web application and organizational tool, helping those who can't plan ahead to begin prioritizing tasks. You can add it as an app to your iPhone or iPod touch. I'm all for anything that helps disorganized individuals get back on track :)

14 February, 2009

Love is Waiting

This is an amazing song that we sung at church last week. Not only is Brooke Fraser a talented singer/songwriter, but she also loves Rwanda. Go to her website (www.brookefraser.com) to see photo albums and listen to her album "Albertine."

I just thought this was an appropriate song for today. Many of my friends have resonated with the lyrics and asked me to share. Lots of love to y'all on Valentine's Day!!!

Love is Waiting
In the autumn on the ground
Between the traffic and the ordinary sounds
I am thinking signs and seasons
While a north wind blows through

I watch as lovers pass me by
Walking stories, who’s and how’s and why’s
Musing lazily on love, pondering you

Let’s give it time, give it space
And be still for a spell
When it’s time to walk that way
We wanna walk it well

It’s my caution not the cold
There’s no other hand that I would rather hold
The climate changes, I’m singing for strangers about you

Don’t keep time, slow the pace
Honey hold on if you can
The bets are getting surer now
That you’re my man

I could write a million songs about the way you say my name
I could live a lifetime with you and then do it all again
And like I can’t force the sun to rise
Or hasten summer’s start
Neither should I rush my way into your heart

13 February, 2009

What is your passion in life?

Last night, our small group had a mixer with another 2 small groups at Frontline (Again, have I mentioned how much I love these girls?? Absolutely love 'em). During one of the icebreaker activities, we were instructed to read questions to our smaller group of participants and answer them. Some of the questions were "what is your favorite candy?" or "Are you a morning person or night owl?" During one of our q & a sessions, one of the guys said "enough about these stupid questions, let's make up our own." Then, he promptly asks: "What is your passion in life?"

For some reason, the thought took me by surprise. What was my passion? Do I have just one or are there many?

Let's just say that these questions have been circling around my head the past 12 hours. How do I define myself? How do others see me? Am I following my passion in life? All of these questions are enough to make this head spin a bit.

So, I'm planning on taking some time and reflecting on these deeper insights. We'll see what comes out of it, but I'm sure that it will include a new blog design and possibly a new Web site (I've been dying to really dig into Web and graphic design). The next post this weekend will have a few polls, so get your thinking caps on and help me decide on a few designs/ideas/thoughts/musings!

11 February, 2009

Heartache and Inspiration

Yesterday was a rough day for the K-State Challenge family. If you know Joel and Jess McClenahan or read any of the Challenge alum blogs, then you know the pain that they are going through. On Sunday, their sweet 10 month-old Cora Paige passed away fighting a battle with neuroblastoma. She was a beautiful girl who was loved and fervently prayed for.

I don't know Joel and Jess as well as I would like to, but I've spent my lunch break reading the blogs of so many of my dear KS friends who attended Cora's funeral yesterday. In each of them, you can hear the heartbreak and can't help but feel it yourself. The tremendous pain is evident in all their stories. But what I also hear is how faithful and loving God is in all of this. I read about how strong Joel and Jess were at the funeral. I saw how God was taking this devastation and creating happiness through Cora's future playground.

The beautiful part is that the God who heals was the same in the beginning as He will be tomorrow. My heart hurts for Joel, Jess, their family and the Challenge community that knew Cora. But, I am inspired how one little girl can make us all cling to God and worship Him more.

If you'd like to learn more about the story, go to Joel and Jess's blog: http://themcclenahans.blogspot.com/
Check out Tim Seley's Lullaby for Cora: www.newmusicmonday.com

You can also read about others' thoughts at All Dolled Up(Date), Breezy Acres Farm, or C's Confetti

To donate to Cora's Playground, go to www.corapaige.com

In the freezing cold for history - Inauguration part 2

After about 3 hours of sleep, I woke up and dressed in about 5 layers on Jan. 20 (That is, if you count the long johns, 3 shirts, 2 coats, hat and gloves). E and I decided that we were safe to leave at 8am because we had tickets - surely our yellow seats were guaranteed. We packed on the cattle car, um, I mean Metro, around that time and jetted to Union Station only to find that the line for our gate stretched around 10 blocks. Seriously? 10 blocks?!?! Seriously...

We schlepped for about 8 blocks and then realized that there was mass confusion around Louisiana and C St NW. The purple and yellow lines converged into one massive cluster. People were climbing on garbage trucks to find their designated entrance and there were no cops in sight to help. Finally, the event planner in E and I kicked in and we started directing traffic until we saw a break in the line.

Finally, we reached the real yellow gate entrance and saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Our hands were freezing and we weren't talking so that we could conserve energy. All of a sudden we see people running and high-pitched squealing. E shot me this confused look, glanced back at the commotion, and froze. It was Diddy. Yes, the Diddy (although it took us a bit to remember what he calls himself now). I fumbled to try and find the camera, but it was too late. He ducked into the Capitol's side entrance and vanished.

Once we got through the gate, it was smooth sailing. We flew through security and found some great seats. I still can't believe we were so close and were able to enjoy a significant moment in history. People were crying and cheering. I was a bit upset at the "Hey na na na, Goodbye Bush" song and boo-ing that was going on in the background. All in all, it was an amazing and exhausting day. There are many more stories, so please ask if you want to know!

All the other pictures are on my flickr site: www.flickr.com/amylizlovesjava. Go check them out!

01 February, 2009

All gussied up with out the boots... Inauguration part 1

Ok, it is about time I recap the inauguration weekend. As scaffolding was built and roads were being blocked weeks ahead of the big day, Washingtonians became uneasy. City officials projected a record turn out, giving statistics such as one bathroom for 6,000 people. My friends and I discussed how we didn't want to be here and I started making plans to fly as far away from the District as possible. The plans fell through and I realized that I had two options: make the most of the weekend or hibernate.

I'm the "make the most of it" kinda girl, so I started trying to figure out plans. They all fell into place, starting with the Texas State Society's Black Tie and Boots inaugural ball. The day started with my three hour long attempt to pick up my tickets. All of the Congressional offices opened their doors on MLK day to hand out tickets. I figured it would be a good time to see my friend Josh Lewis and hang out for a while. So, I waited in line for an hour and then hung out with him for a few.

Seeing that this was as good a time as any, I decided to take pics in front of the Capitol before the craziness.

I rushed home and attempted to put myself together for the ball. This was always the one that the Bushs loved, but no one from the family showed up. Our entire bible study volunteered at the media table, so we all got in free and were able to enjoy the show. The best part were the dresses and people watching. Cowboy boots and formal dresses... I'm not kidding. We had a fabulous time dancing and holding a running fashion commentary ("did you see that dress with those cowboy boots? Oh my...")

Neal McCoy sang the national anthem, and Jack Ingram rocked out all night. Denzel Washington even showed up!

It was an amazing experience for my first Inaugural ball. More to come about Inauguration day...