27 May, 2007


Greetings from the Music City!!!

I absolutely cannot believe I am here. You know how it is when you move and you are so focused on the "getting there"? I'm that kind of person. I get so focused on the "getting there" part that when I get there and take it in when things quiet down, it all hits. Well, people, it has hit and I am exstatic!! People kept asking me if I was excited, but I think that enthusiasm I had exponentially grew as I drove in the city.

Let me tell you how awesome God is.....

I have 2 amazing roommates, and we are three peas in a pod. I was a bit nervous going from living on my own for a while to moving in with two women, but the transition has been smooth. It is a perfect thing to live with two mature, Christian women. There is nothing more perfect than community you can share your life with, and I am so blessed with them.

These two wonderful women greeted me with open arms and literally ran to hug me when they first met me. It shocks me, really, but that is how love and community are supposed to be. I got to our sunday school today, and people were running up to me, wanting to ask me lots of questions and welcome. I don't think I have ever received such a warm reception.

Now, it's all about funneling this anxious/excited/nervous feeling and going to work on Tues. But, God is and has been faithful... He'll do it!

Thanks for listening, friends. I'll be posting pictures soon.

12 May, 2007


You know how sometimes you learn this incredibly life altering lesson, only to look back a year later and repeat the same process? This is where I am living right now, but its such a good feeling. Let me explain...

In January, I applied to about 50 different internship programs. In March, I sent out my resume again to about 30 different places here in Baton Rouge and elsewhere. April came, and there were 6 interviews. No job. Even until this week, there have been some prospects, but nothing definite. That was, until last Tuesday. I got a call from EMI stating that they'd love to have me for an internship.

Up until this point, I was under the assumption that God had forgotten me - even though I know that is NOT part of His character. I would journal and re-read Psalm 40 of "How Long will You forsake me," all the while believing that it was either 1) my fault that I didn't have a job or 2) there was something better. God really renewed my strength in April as I realized that I had absolutely no control over this process and that there was something better waiting for me in time.

So again, the story of my life.... waiting. God's consistent theme in my life seems to be for me to learn how to wait patiently, and I obviously don't have it down yet. If I did, my logic says that I still wouldn't be repeating these lessons. This time around was different. During this waiting season, I learned a whole new aspect of trusting God. It was as if I actually listened to God the last time I was in this interim decision period. In April, my demeanor changed from "why" to "whatever gives you glory." And the beautiful part about it all is that, yet again, God proved himself faithful and beyond compare. On top of that, His answer was more than I ever asked or imagined.

Trust is a beautiful thing. It is leading me to places I never thought were possible. Just excited for what will happen!