24 May, 2010

Change is Gonna Come: AmyLizMartin.com

It has been too long since I've actually posted anything on this blog. I could go on and on about the past six months, the joy and heartbreak, the "interesting" lessons I've learned and the moments where all one can do is laugh. What I find amazing about God is that He is a redeemer and restorer, and I understand more about that each and every day. Here is a little recap of some lessons learned...

Just Like Plants, We Need Water
It wasn't until I stopped my former position at a non-profit that I realized how thirsty and tired I was. Here's how it went down: Friday (last day or work) - fine as can be; Saturday - still happy and enjoying the weekend; Sunday through Thurs - sick as a dog. My body just said "Hi, Amy. Remember all of those gross germs you asked us to hold off on? Well, they're all going to attack you at once, now. OK?" I was down for the count for about a week.

After two years in the District, I needed water - desparately. It was like that feeling you get when you are so incredibly parched that your throat feels like sandpaper. And it wasn't just physical water - I need restoration in ways that only God could provide. I need a change in perspective and attitude, and a different definition of success than what I'm used to.

The 3 Rs: Recharge, Renew, Restore
In order to do great things, you must dig deep for strength. We are not like robots who can go from task to task without flinching, even though I like to think that I am at times. However, when you finally get to recharge, how do you react? Do you run to it with open arms? Or do you run the other way screaming? (And doesn't the latter option sound odd?)

I discovered that I run away from relaxation. My default mode is to work until I am a shell of a tired human being. Why do we let ourselves work to the brink of exhaustion and and how is it that I even forgot what "relaxation" is in the first place? My first lesson after the non-profit world was to relearn to sit in silence - and allow myself to be quiet. I didn't grasp this one well at all and I'm still trying to figure it out.

Moving Forward
With these two lessons ahead of me (I call them "flashing neon signs"), I decided to move into the great unknown: freelance public relations and media consulting. I've never pined to be an entrepreneur, but I was approached by some amazing clients and I truly felt that God was calling me to take a step of faith. A step to recharge and reprogram life the way He wants it.

What does that mean? It means that I have a new website that combines both the personal and professional Amy Liz Martin. This personal blog is moving to www.amylizmartin.com/blog. Take a look around the website and also send it out to your friends and family who might want to read.

So, I'm stepping out on my own with the support and love of so many of you. And just like the Sam Cooke classic that has been playing in my head: "It's been a long time coming... but I know.. change is gonna come. "

22 March, 2010

More than the birds

I'm a worrier.

There it is, I admit it. I'm a worry-wart as my mom and grandma used to call it. Ever since I can remember, I pick at my hands because of pent up anxious energy. I tend to take most comments very personal and can't seem to sometimes calm down. However, the last six months have seemed to steadily increased anxiety and I can't figure out why. It started as a slow trickle - I wanted to be the best and put pressure on myself that didn't need to be there. I didn't recognize it, and then a little more creeps in. That process goes on for a few months until life kinda seemed to take some really weird turns. After a huge tragedy in our family, my heart finally broke. Things just kinda broke down in a way that I realized there was nothing I could do. No control that I had over my life would ever make things right, and I've been known to say "why do some things just not feel right in life right now?"

This past week, God has totally be rearranging things in my heart that continually shake me to the core. He has continually reassured me with Matthew 6:25-34, especially with a sermon from my parent's church, New Hope Church, in Manvel, TX.

1) Value the day that you have: Oooooh, how did I need to hear this. "Have you ruined a potentially good day by worrying about it turning terribly wrong?" Yes yes, I have. I've been in a mode of thinking "When this happens, then I'll be happy." No, Amy...not true. I'm truly happy in this moment. I love and am loved and life is good.

2)Worry is your enemy. It is a tool Satan uses to steal joy away. Too many people use the pain of what happened yesterday and the fear of what will happen tomorrow that they don't enjoy the "now." Oooooh, burn #2. If I am not thankful for what is happening now, I'm not truly enjoying the gift that He's given me.

3)Take responsibility for your "now": I can't change the past and what I've been through in the last few months. It has been an incredibly difficult 5 months, but I can't dwell on it - I just have to live in the present.

4)Worry calls God a liar: OUCH!!! Do not worry about tomorrow.. He has it all under control. He has hemmed all of us in behind and before. And He knows it all. If I don't trust in Him to work in the way that He wants to work, I'm basically calling Him a liar.

"Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they?"