30 June, 2008


I've had a lot of great experiences over the past few weeks. There was the first time to see pieces of the Berlin Wall. There was also E's first trip to see me in DC.

But the most important first, was the first trip to NYC. Granted, it was a work trip, but I was able to get a lot of sightseeing done. I've never been a tourist alone before, so this was a whole new experience. I mean, who can resist Rockefeller Center?

In the midst of these new exciting moments, there always seems to be a bit of my past that rears its ugly head. I refer to it as the "Pager Theory" when talking about past guy interests, but this theory goes a bit deeper. When life seems to go so incredibly well, the bottom appears to fall out. And, I say "appears" because it really never does- it's just a good opportunity to trust God a bit more than before and move forward.

Right now, I'm in that intersection of trying to process a situation that I've been numb to for a very long time. Over the past 10 years, I feel that I've really been put through the wringer with this relationship. 10 years of hope, heartache, and a very deep hurt that has been forgiven. However, I'm seeing that the hurt remained and emerged in a new form. And because I've forced myself to move on and divorce myself from the situation, I'm finding that I'm completely lost on how to process these new developments. I haven't had to deal with this in the last 5 years. I just ask for your patience and prayers as I try to sort all of this out.

25 June, 2008

E.T. Phone Home

For the record: I am not one of "those women" who complain about men all the time. I'm really not. I like it when a man stands up and takes charge or stands down and lets others in the spotlight. I watch a man make mistakes, and I'm not going to stand and whine. Instead, I'll help him figure life out again and fix the mess.
This post does not come out of bitterness toward a man who has wronged me in the past. It is not part of a healing process out of past wounds, and it is not said because I feel like I'm better than everyone else. It is simply a statement that, I wholeheartedly believe, men must know - no matter what age or stage in life....

Just pick up the phone and call!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I know it seems simple enough,and it is incredibly difficult to do. However, guys, if you do, you will be rewarded. The girl will like you more because she sees that you're making a more concerted effort to know her. She will see that you think more of her than a simple text message. She will appreciate that you took the time to dial 7 digits. And if she doesn't, then she is not worth your time anyway.

The reason I'm on this soapbox is because I have watched some amazingly talented and beautiful girls so distraught because the only way a guy communicates with them is through texting and GChat. Newsflash...you can't really get to know someone via text message! Sure, you can make plans and yes, it is convenient. But, put in a bit more effort guys. If you call and ask her out on a date, it means that you spend your Saturday night looking at her gorgeous face instead of the robotic screen of your phone. I know lots of girls, myself included, who would love to go out on a date with someone who actually called instead of texted.

Seriously, guys.. this is a topic of conversation for girls. We get excited when you call. We want to talk to you more than you realize. Just take the chance and give the girl a call.

Ok. I'm stepping off my soapbox right now....

16 June, 2008

Lessons in DC

The past week has been an eye-opener for me in many ways. Here is a short list of the things I've learned:

1) I'm no longer afraid of using escalators

2) I have a new meaning of "Stand on the right, walk on the left"

3) Living in the nation's capitol and seeing national monuments will not grow old for a while

4) Drivers actually DO stop for pedestrians....well, most of the time

5) Even the most beloved people can die young

6) My feet will have permanent flip-flop scars

7) "Of course it is humid in DC.. it is built on a swamp, you know!?!" (Why did I decide to move from one swamp to another?)

8) I miss the comfort of knowing people and being deeply known.

9) The only place to get sweet tea is at McDonalds. Yes, you heard me correctly - Mickey D's

10) Metro = Cattle-car between the 8:00 - 8:45am and 5-7 pm

More to come later. I'm having a blast and learning a lot.